Minimalistic Monday


Hi guys,

Hope you’re all good and enjoyed your weekend?

I had the perfect weekend! Went to Antwerp with one of my friends and we absolutely had a blast. Good food, drinks, chats, laughter, shopping, clubbing and even more food were the magic words. Although we thought we would go all the way during shopping because of Antwerp’s amazing shops + sale, that didn’t really happen. But I finally happened to bump into these cool sneakers/trainers at Wesc and that for me was more than enough as sneakers/trainers had been on my wishlist forever!

I paired it with my minimalistic COS dress which I love because of its simplicity. I think that’s what I love the most about COS. Their items have this timeless and neutral look without too much fuss and you can combine them endlessly. COS is actually one of my favourite high street stores.

What is/are your fave highstreet store(s)?




I was wearing…

COS Dress

Wesc Sneakers

Zara Shopper

Bershka Necklace

H&M Rings

Casio Watch

Thanks for passing by!


xx Grace


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