Designer Cravings…


Hi everyone,

It’s Friday, nearly weekend! Yay! Any plans for the weekend? I have no major plans, but I am still looking forward to it!

While I was on the internet, I saw the shoes I have been craving for a longg time now and thought I should make a post of the designer items I am loving at the moment.

Now actually, I am not the designer type of person. I just love or hate something, whether it’s designer or not. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t got a weakness for designers (items) because I do. I love the exclusivity and originality of many designers and the iconic and clasic look to their items. But as much as I am a fashionholic I have a budget to stick to and some prices just make my heart stop for a second. Some things however, like the items above, are items I think would never go out of fashion and if they do, one day they will be perfect vintage items. Especially the very classy 3.1 Phillip Lim bag and the gorgeous, elegant Valentino shoes. And how cute is the RED Valentino dress? I think it’s an absolute show stopper!

To actually buy these cravings I will have to continue saving though. Saving hard. But while I am doing that, there is no harm in day dreaming about it and drooling from behind my desk!

What are your fave designer items at the moment?

Have a great weekend!


xx Grace


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