Alyson Fox Espadrilles


I have to say I am sorry for the quite boring outfits I have been wearing this week. Mostly dresses and very comfy and quite boring sandals. Call it a mix of lack of inspiration and laziness. ‘Then why post?’, I hear you think. Well, my blog is one of my hobbies just like fashion and writing are, so I have to write even the boring outfits off me and share it with you.:)

I also blame it on today. It’s Saturday and one of those days where I don’t like to think about my outfits too much, especially whenI am going to be strolling around running errands I haven’t been able to run during the week.

But I must say I think these espadrilles are the highlight of my outfit. I purchased them a while ago from (& Other Stories ), which has pretty much become one of my fave online shops. They’re are not as ‘boring’ as the dress and the bag and the print adds just a little bit of extra to my outfit. And that’s exactly where my passion for shoes comes from. They just change your outfit instantly and can make you look very sexy, classy, cool, edgy, glamourous, trendy and… Oh well, I just think life is too short to wear boring shoes…



imageI was wearing…

COS Dress

& Other Stories Espadrilles

H&M Shopper

Casio Watch

Miu Miu Glasses

Enjoy your weekend!


xx Grace


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