Life’s a beach!


Today was just a lovely day! 1. Because it’s Sunday and 2. Because it’s a sunny Sunday and me and my little cousins had an absolute blast at the beach. I can’t believe the weather has been this great in Holland and all I am doing is enjoy it to the max. I don’t want to complain about it, because it was about time!

So another sunny day, means another dress. I love wearing dresses in general, but especially to the beach, as they’re just so easy to throw over your bikini and   your good to go. Today I chose to wear one of my fave dresses. I got myself this Zara dress for my birthday and I must say I wear it quit a lot. It’s got the perfect print, the perfect fit and the perfect fabric for a day as today.



I was wearing…

Zara Dress/Sandals

Miu Miu Glasses

Casio Watch

Hope you had a great weekend too and wish you a blessed and lovely week ahead!

Thanks for reading 🙂


xx Grace


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