Let’s talk… Sneakers!


Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend? It’s been very sunny in Holland, so I would lie if I said I didn’t enjoy my weekend!:)

Today on ‘Let’s talk…’ I would like to talk about Sneakers/Trainers. I am really turning into a sneakers-addict, see my very first own purchased pair here (wich is not really strange for a shoe-addict). Where before I used to think sneakers are for the more for the sporty type of person, now I think they suit everyone and I love how many fashionista’s pair them in the most creative way. Gone are the days where sneakers could only be worn with trousers, jeans or shorts in your spare time or for a run. Now, even teamed with a pencil skirt you’re good to go to the office! Thanks to Isabel Marant’s wedged sneaker the sneaker is fashionable again.

As much as I and I think many women with me love heels, nothing compares to comfortable but eye-catching sneakers! Especially because you can wear them to literally every occasion (although I don’t think I would suggest it to a job interview or paired with an evening gown). For many girls sneakers have become a part of their wardrobe and I don’t think the hype will die anytime soon.

I think they have become very popular because they are not as boring as they used to be anymore and they come in so many variants. There’s enough to suit every style!



I know I recently got myself new sneakers, but I am already day dreaming about these Nike Roshe Run Team Red Sneakers: I can’t wait to make them mine!!

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace


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