Let’s talk… Pre-fall 2013 Color Trends!

Hi guys,

I hope you are all well! I know, it’s been a while! I blame it on the stomach flu I’ve had for over a week. A week where I was so ill that even when my personal photographer suggested to shoot some pics I gave the ‘sad dog with hanging eyes and head slightly leaning to the right face’. The one I always used to see in cartoons. In other words I couldn’t even think of my blog!

That being said: I am back with more energy, ideas and fashion! And it’s the 5th of August to be exact. But, although time flies faster than I can understand and than I would like, I am not going to talk about how time flies but about what happens in fashion land when time flies. Exactly.  Sale slowly disappears into the background and little by little it is okay to get inspired by the beautiful, deep and dramatic A/W palette and by soft, chunky, bohemian-ish knits, boyfriend sweaters and not to forget sexy or fierce boots… If you think I am going too fast, think again!  Fashion land is even thinking four seasons ahead already.


The stayer. Black can just never get boring. And if you think it does, what about cute, edgy or outstanding black fabrics that give a black outfit another meaning. Black lace for example…

black lace


Together with Emerald my fave all time color. What I love about Burgundi is its deep color and the fact that it pretty much suits every skin tone. It looks stunning on a polished, white skin as much as on the darkest skin tone. I also find it a very warm and elegant color and was excited about how much it came back on many runways!



Another color in the A/W color palette that goes with so many other colors for anything but a boring pre-fall outfit.


Midnight Blue

Another color I have really started appreciating this year. Never used to like it on me, but now it’s the new black to me. I think this color goes perfectly with grey or silver with a very bright statement jewel to decorate the outfit. Is it Fall yet?!

midnight blue


There are not many bright colors in the F/W 2013 color palette, but if you want to go bright coming season, going Red is the right way to do it. I don’t know when was  the last time I wore an extremely red item (except from on my lips), but I think I want to give red a try more often as I think it’s such a powerful and sexy color!



Yay for Neutral! Neutral doesn’t have to be boring at all. It’s one of these colors you can pair with any other color in the color palette and you won’t go wrong. To keep an outfit all neutral and still interesting, I would go for more different neutral tones in one outfit, many layers and bright make up.



Every article, show or news I have seen on tv/internet/magazines etc included Gold. Thank God for that, because I love the whole metallic trend and the more dramatic the colors the better!



For those who think grey is boring, I think silver is the perfect solution coming season.



Not really my color, but definitely coming season’s color! The Fall runways where full of beautiful orange pieces. I might get to like it at some point, just like I started loving yellow this year…



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