In my VLISCO dress!


Working at Vlisco has made me an even bigger fan of African print than I used to be. I think I appreciate it even more because I have realized that it doesn’t have to be boring or worn occasionally at African parties but anytime, anywhere! Another good thing about it is that when you buy the fabrics you can use your creativity and create your personal outfit!

I used a little bit of Stella Jean’s creativity, a little bit of my tailor’s and a little bit of my own and this is the dress that came out of it! I am really happy with the result and couldn’t wait to wear it immediately to another family wedding I had this weekend.

I will soon write a post on Vlisco. Until then, you can have a look on our website for more inspiration or simply enjoy my pictures…








I was wearing…

Vlisco Dress

Asos Heels

H&M Bag/Ring

Zara Belt

Monet Earrings

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace 


4 thoughts on “In my VLISCO dress!

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