I’m Blue


The other day I told you about how happy I get of new found loves, that I lost and found in my wardrobe. This midi skirt is one of them! It’s one of these skirts that make you feel dressed up, without making too much effort. I bought this skirt in sale nearly three years ago, and I remember it wasn’t even my size but God: I had to have it! And I did.

It’s funny because back then, midi skirts were not even that much in fashion, and I kinda felt old fashioned in it sometimes but still didn’t care. Now, more than two years later the shape, the length and the timeless print of this skirt totally do it and people ask me where I got it from… That’s how funny fashion -my passion – can be.






I was wearing…

H&M Skirt/Glasses

Zara Shirt/Bag

COS Sandals

Mango Earrings

Pieces Necklace

Micheal Kors Watch

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace 


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