Fashion Rule No.1

Always wear...

And that my dear readers is nothing but the truth!

Sometimes I find myself in front of the mirror wondering whether or not I am over or under-dressed but then I get rid of those thoughts by going for what I feel comfortable wearing.

Of course, there are a few buts to this rule:

Don’t get too comfortable thinking it’s okay to wear flip flops to a job interview! No matter if it’s a fashion position or not.

For formal occasions, I think you’re better off wearing too much than too little. Go for classy yet outstanding culottes to a luxurious restaurant  and save the shorts that make your butt-cheeks play hide and seek for festivals or the beach!

Make sure you know what you want to emit, a too short skirt, an ongoing cleavage or endless high heels are not necessarily sexy…

Apart from that, I think fashion is expressing yourself in so many ways and there are no limits to it. As there are no rules for fashion, don’t bother thinking about what others will think about what you’re wearing, as some stare  because they find your outfit ridiculous but some because they’re distracted and inspired by your creativity. Give them something worth to look at! 😉


xx Grace 


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