In my VLISCO pants!


When I went to my tailor last week, I was so so excited because I could finally see what he’d made out of my Vlisco fabrics! And I must say I was again positively surprised! From the Vlisco dress (worn here) to the skirt and the pants: everything was just what I expected.

I am also glad that he advised me to use this Java fabric for the slim trousers I wanted, because I am in love with them, they’re so comfy. And that’s why of course I couldn’t wait to wear them to work and to share it with you! That explains my second Vlisco post in one week!

On that day I wore it with a white top, which I think made the pretty colors stand out even more, but I have also paired them with a navy blue top, and that actually works as well.







I was wearing…

Vlisco Pants

Zara Blazer/Sandals

H&M Peplum Top/Necklace

Michael Kors Bag


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