Sporty? Check!



Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are still enjoying the last hours before it’s Monday again! My weekend was just like I planned it: with no plans. How I love weekends like weekends like this, to just finally do things I was meant to do for ages. Like cleaning out my closet, call friends and fam on Skype, catch up with my fave series and have long, large homemade lunch and take my time to cook meals that I wouldn’t even think of cooking during weekdays…

But today I didn’t cook, as we were invited to a house party at my dear friend’s place for her birthday and we had a lovely evening with too many AMAZING cake pops (aahh!), red velvet cuppies (my fave), even yummier diner, a birthday cake and last but not least Amaretto Sour cocktails all night long!

So, this is what I wore to my friend’s party. At first I thought it was too sunny to wear tights, but I think it’s time to accept that Fall has actually reached Holland, because I was so right about the tights as it ended up raining the whole evening! I wanted to go for a dressed up but still casual look so I paired my check blouse with my COS leather skirt, which I absolutely love, together with my Isabel Marant look-a-likes.

Although I am a huge fan of high street fashion (especially because that’s what I can afford without having to eat crackers for the rest of the month), sometimes I like me some pretty designer items. So last year, when I got to the point where I wanted to get myself some Isabel Marant sneakers, I realized that (as usual) I’d missed the boat. I couldn’t find the ones I wanted anywhere!! But then I bumped into these wedge sneakers from MOS Copenhagen and it was love at first sight! With the new season, some new Marant sneakers have come out again.. But unfortunately apart from fashion my other passion is travelling. And right now if I have to choose between Marant sneakers that cost as much as a flight ticket to the sun or a flight ticket to the sun, I’ll have to cheat on my love for fashion…








I was wearing…

Zara Blouse/Bag

COS Leather Skirt

MOS Copenhagen Sneakers

H&M Rings/Necklace

Topshop Chain Necklace

Thanks for reading and bonne semaine!:)


xx Grace 


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