The perfect Fall ankle boots


While it was sunny and the perfect cocktail weather, I was already on the hunt for the best pieces for the new season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to get myself a whole new F/W wardrobe, but as there’s always something going out, there’s always some place for some additions…

I can’t help but longing for Fall when new items start dripping into the (online) shops. And particularly these three items were high on my wishlist:

1. The perfect coat (found a few, not sure about which one to choose yet!)

2. The perfect ankle boots (see photos!)

3. The perfect leather pencil skirt (soon sharing in a post!)

I have already found two out of these three items. These great ankle boots with heel and buckle and a faux leather pencil skirt from Zara. As soon as I saw these boots, I knew that these were the boots I had been looking for ever since I started my search for new Fall items. Although I actually wanted cut-out ankle boots, these boots  made me forget about every other ankle boot I had seen so far. And lucky me, because this was the last pair in my size!

I can’t wait to use the world as my catwalk in these shoes, paired with trousers, skirts and even dresses. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about my favorite piece of the moment (the skirt!) and more!

image image image

Thanks for reading 🙂


xx Grace 


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