Style Stalker… Solange Knowles!

Solange Knowles

When I say mother, singer, fashionista, creative, bold, prints, sophisticated, most of you might know I am talking about Solange Knowles. Solange is no longer just known as ‘Beyoncé’s sister’, but over the years she has turned into a true trendsetter and the talk of many journalists, photographers, bloggers.

Solange is one of my favourite style icons, simply because she knows how to steal the show. Be it at an event, festival, red carpet, fashion show or daily life, she knows how to make a statement with her outfits (and signature hair!). I never get bored of how she makes bold prints look fabulous together and her creativity is inspiring and never ending. The fashionista always knows how to surprise me (and I think many people with me)!

Solange Knowles

And then, what we definitely have in common is the love for ethnic prints and retro looks.

Solange Knowles fashion style 5


Solange Knowles fashion style 1


Solange Knowles 1



This outfit of Solange at Fashion Week last week, made me wonder if she stayed over at a friend’s and they decided last minute that they were going to attend the Fashion Show, and she borrowed her friend’s clothes… I’m not impressed.

Well, I’d say she’s a real chameleon when it comes to fashion. One moment she looks like she walked out of a 60s/70s Afro movie and the other she looks totally sleek and elegant. I’m a fan! What do you think of Solange’s style?

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace


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