Let’s talk… My five favourite seasonal items


Hello there!

Hope you’re alright? I know most of my posts have been about the the transition to Fall lately, but I thought I would still share my favorite pieces of the moment with you. Don’t forget to let me know yours 🙂

1. The eye-catching coat

Where coats used to be a must have to protect yourself from the unbearable cold, nowadays it’s a statement piece. No matter what you are wearing underneath, your coat can lift a totally plain/boring look to another level, so make sure you pick out the perfect one this season!

2. The skirt

As I mentioned before in this post, skirts come in so many styles this season and is definitely not just an item you should wear during Spring or Summer. Pick out the ones that complement your style but also try out the ones you thought would never suit your personality. You might bump into a new found love!

3. The turtleneck

You’ll probably have noticed that the turtleneck is back. They don’t only keep you warm but are also very feminine. I am a huge fan! For those who don’t like the turtleneck, there’s the lower turtleneck.

4. The endless boot

There’s nothing as feminine as the high boot. Some of us can get away with over the knee boots and some of us will look like they’re drowning in them, but thank goodness there are so many variants; with or without heels, in leather, suede, prints, colored… The endless boot is definitely on my wishlist!

5. The drop waist dress

The drop waist dress is simply the follower of the peplum. Where peplum accentuates your waist, the drop waist starts below your hips and I think it’s a great and flirtier alternative for those who are not that much into peplum or just want to try something else.

What’s your favorite seasonal item?

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace 


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