In My Boots


When I was a little girl, I used to love playing dress up with my mum’s old clothes and make-up (I guess you don’t need to ask where my passion for fashion comes from). I used to put my little feet in her pointy heels, day dream about how her beautiful shoes and clothes would fit me one day and couldn’t wait for time to fly fast for me to be big enough to fit in her shoes.

When I look at pictures of her back in the 80s, I can’t say other than that she had a great sense of style and that I wished she still had a few of her great items, because I would have had the most beautiful vintage pieces in my wardrobe now. But instead… My mum decided to throw away her beautiful old pieces every time we moved. She would say they belonged to the past, didn’t fit anymore or they were just unessential (what?!) to bring to a new home. Now I agree with the expression ‘one woman’s trash, is another woman’s treasure’ even more!

That’s the reason why I have always told myself that I will never just throw away stuff whenever I feel like I am done with it. 1: Because fashion is a vicious circle that goes on and on and on. 2: therefore, some day I could rediscover an item and feel like wearing it again (even after years). Which is exactly what happened when I found these lovely boots (which I’ve had for over 5 years!) in their box between my other shoes! Just when the high boots are back on trend again. There couldn’t have been a more perfect timing, right?!

And 3: Some day, I might have a daughter who loves playing dress up and make-up. And when she grows up, she will thank me for saving my most beautiful items…











I was wearing…

Zara Shirt/Bag

H&M Skirt

(old) Boots

Only Bracelet

Mango Earrings

Front Row YSL inspired Ring

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace 


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