Rocking Baroque


Today I wanted to wear something I hadn’t worn in a while and this is the result.

The baroque top I am wearing is one of these things I fell for because of its print, but at the same time kind of regretted because of the fitting. For that reason, I hardly wore it last winter. But this season I am giving it a second chance. Paired with my H&M dropped waist dress.

It was only when I was fully dressed that I realized that I was wearing H&M from head to toe. And having said that, I must admit that I have been a huge fan of H&M lately. I particularly LOVE their Trend collection (the collection with the light pink label), because they always have great pieces. It’s fresh, innovative and they use the most beautiful fabrics for this collection. The price range is higher than the average H&M items, but definitely affordable!







I was wearing…

H&M Top/Dress/Shoes/Ear studs

Zara Bag

Only Bracelet

Selected Femme Necklace


xx Grace 


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