Fashion Dilemma: Faux Fur

14-11-2013 12-38-16

Hi guys,

How is it going? I was a bit down earlier… As you all might know, today is the official launch date of the Isabel Marant for H&M collection and I so wanted the chunky black and white knit I had been waiting for forever, but before I knew it was all SOLD OUT!!!

Which is not surprising of course, I mean thousands, if not millions others had been waiting for it to be launched online (had no choice as I had to work), so I am happy for the lucky ones and have just accepted that it wasn’t meant to be mine.

On another note, while I was contemplating what is new in a few webshops, I bumped into these three fluffy faux fur cuties. I have never really been a faux fur type of person as I always think it looks better on others than on me. Now,  I am starting to feel this trend, but I absolutely don’t know what to choose and need your help/opinion!! Which one out of the three is your favourite?!

14-11-2013 12-35-15

14-11-2013 13-12-37

Thanks for helping!:)


xx Grace 


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