Webshop you should know: & Other Stories!

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One thing I really get excited about when browsing on the net, is discovering ‘new’ webshops. Especially when it’s totally my thing and not bank breaking fashion! YES! And ever since I started  blogging and following my fave bloggers, the list of my fave webshops got LONG, and still growing…

That inspired me to introduce this new category to my blog (Web)Shop/Brand you should know…!, in which I will share web(Shops)/brands I adore, I have just discovered and from whom I have purchased articles once or several times. Of course, you might know the shop already. In that case, feel free to leave a comment/opinion about the shop too!

M Y  S T O R I E S  F A V O R I T E S

15-11-2013 14-41-23

15-11-2013 14-36-39

15-11-2013 14-46-55

15-11-2013 14-33-21

1. Merino wool long-sleeved Top

2. Suede Sandals 

3. Suede & faux fur sandals

4. Passport Holder 

5. Woven metal bracelet (gold)

6. Woven metal bracelet (black)

A B O U T  S T O R I E S

I don’t even know how I bumped into the & Other Stories webshop anymore (a year ago), but I am sold ever since. Stories (H&M’s younger sister) is a fashion brand that offers clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products and lingerie, which they present in brief ‘stories’ throughout their webshop (might look quite messy/confusing at the first sight, but they also have categories). I think what distinguishes them from other high street brands is their detailed items and personal style. Their items are made of the best materials which gives their collection that signature look. I love Stories simply because their products (beautiful feminine pieces) are timeless and made out of great materials. And also, their items are out of the ordinary.


I’d say Stories is a clean, minimalistic and no-nonsense brand, which you could compare to COS. Whether you’ve got a   more feminine chic style or like masculine tailoring every now and then; Stories has got it all! Neutral, bold, sophisticated and minimalistic. In other words, everyone could find something they like.

P R I C E  R A N G E 

Wide price range. You can make it as cheap or expensive as your want. In case you do love their items and find it a little too pricey, make sure you check their website regularly, as next to their sale, they’ve got great deals every now and then!

D E L I V E R Y – S E R V I C E 

I must say, the only thing that stops me from ordering from Stories.com sometimes is their €6 delivery. What really helps, is to get more stuff, so that the €6 seems ok, because €6 on top of  a nail polish is just… Apart from that, I have experienced delivery within the stated days every time I’ve ordered from them so that’s definitely a pro!

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace 


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