I guess it is not a surprise when I say that the emphasis is really on leather, knits and fake fur this season. And I actually prefer them paired. Well not the three of them of course, but either fake fur or knitwear changes the look of leather. I think it makes it look less ‘hard’.

When I asked you to help me out of my fashion dilemma in this post, I seriously didn’t know what to choose out of the three pieces. Kim’s comment, of  The Way of Life Of Keyreally helped me out! But then it seemed like paying by credit card was the only payment option…

Anywhoo… I am happy to share with you my new faux fur waistcoat! I love it so, so much. The shape, length and the three colored patches on it. One very tiny con is the fact that it has no pockets. So that means I seriously need to start thinking about getting myself gloves now as the cold in Holland is getting very serious! That’s why this waistcoat is a perfect buy because it actually really keeps me warm combined with my leather jacket.

Somehow, I secretly love Fall/Winter. Because right now, I am loving all the layers, the cosy fabrics and the colors. Yes. Colors. This season, there’s no need to stick to black and grey. The color palette is larger than we’re normally used to during the darker days. Dare to wear and enjoy Fall fashion the best you can!








I was wearing…

Pieces Waistcoat

InWear Leather Jacket

H&M Jumper/Knuckle Ring

Zara Coated Trousers/Bag

MOS Copenhagen Wedge Sneakers

Mango Earring

Etikka Peace Ring

Have a very good weekend and ttys!:)

xx Grace 


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