Hi everyone,

First of all: Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers and enjoy Black Friday! I must say, I am a tiny bit jealous of all of you guys, because you get to enjoy loads of food and Black Friday, yay! Three years ago I went on holidays to NYC around Thanksgiving and shopping on Black Friday was such an incredible experience. Well this quick post is for everyone to enjoy!

 It’s just a quick update regarding to the Mango Newsletter I received this morning (how I love newsletters with good news). In case you’re lusting something (or more) from Mango at the moment, today and tomorrow are your lucky days because you receive 30% off their WHOLE collection! Both online and in store.

And you know, everything does really happen for a reason. Yesterday I popped into Mango to get myself something  I’ve had an eye on for a while and my card refused to work (no, not because I have been shopping too much). After trying and trying and trying I gave up, disappointed, and left the store. But today or tomorrow I’ll get this item for 30% less than I would have had it yesterday, yay, yay, yay! Patience and acceptance… Another lesson learned.

I won’t tell you what I’m getting, as you will see it soon on the blog, so definitely stay tuned!:)

Enjoy your weekend guys and happy shopping!


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