Hello my lovely readers,

Happy (stylish) new (party) month!

I can’t believe it’s December 2013 already, my God! Can someone stop the time?! Last month when it was just November, I just couldn’t believe some people were already worrying about what they are going to wear for the festive season… But now I realize that if I keep taking things easy like this, I will be the one stressing last minute about what to wear!

Maybe the reason why I am not stressing is because there’s this wonderful dress I bought a few months ago, with the intention of wearing it for Xmas (and I’m surprised people are worrying in November huh!). I can’t wait to wear that dress and also to share it with you guys on the blog.

And if not… When in doubt, wear black they say. More about party outfits soon on the blog!

Have a lovely week and ttys,

xx GraceĀ 


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