When the days get colder and start getting darker, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being indoors during the weekends. When I have got no plans, I can spend my days reading magazines, books, catching up with series, dressing up or trying out new make up looks and drinking loads and loads of tea…

On the other hand, what’s quite a shame during the cold and dark season is the fact that it’s hard to take outfit pictures as it gets dark before you even notice! But as I miss sharing my outfits with you guys, it was obvious that todays post would just be a brief post indoors as the weather wouldn’t let me take pictures outside.

Today I spent my day doing pretty much nothing else than reading and browsing on my Ipad, a day with no obligations. Lovely! I wore my soft Monki Wow Cow sweater which I have been wearing a lot lately. It’s one of those comfy sweaters but cool enough because of its fit and cow print. I felt like adding my Topshop statement necklace to it, which I recently got in Amsterdam. Can’t help but always love their accessories.

Bijenkorf Amsterdam, the biggest department store in Holland, recently opened a Topshop department and I hadn’t seen it yet till last week Saturday when I met up with a friend. I am so so happy that all these lovely UK stores/brands (which I miss a lot!!) are slowly but surely making their move to Holland. River Island, Primark, Monki, Urban Outfitters, Topshop… I am not complaining at all! How are you spending your weekend?






I was wearing…

Monki Sweater

H&M Dress

Topshop Necklace

Etikka Ring

Thanks for stopping by!


xx Grace 


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