Hello my lovely readers,

How is it going?! I feel super great, not only because of my Holidays week, but also because I am sitting here and writing this post. Relaxation at its best!

Lately, a lot of ideas and plans have been on my mind regarding my blog, but Lord it’s so hard to combine this hobby with my fulltime job, as much as I would want to every day! And because I want my blog to be more personal, I don’t want to stuff it with too many random topics..

 But well, enough about the reasons why I have been away for a while. I am here now and in today’s post I am wearing a lovely Vlisco crop top which I am currently in love with, paired with my other favourite item of the moment: my burgundy H&M Trend skirt. I got myself this top at our sample sale the other day and I don’t regret it!

I have always been a big fan of prints especially of mixed prints or textures in one outfit, but ever since I started working in African Print, this love for Vlisco is growing even more. I think there’s a real love affair going on! Actually, I reckon the name ‘African Print’ is very misleading, because it’s not just African’s wear. Decades ago, unlike in the Western world, these printed fabrics got extremely popular amongst African women. And from the moment they embraced the printed fabrics, they were known as ‘African Print Fabrics’. I think everyone should look beyond the name, and experiment with it!

I hope you’re all having amazing Holidays with all your loved ones. While you guys are doing that, I wish you lovely Holidays and a very  Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate Christmas!






I was wearing…

Vlisco Top/Belt

H&M Trend Skirt

Zara Bag

Old Boots

Monet Earrings

Thanks for reading!


xx Grace


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