Hello lovely people!

Oh Lord, it’s been long. Too long. Been feeling so sad for not posting or even being active on my blog.. The main reason is definitely because it takes a lot to find someone to take the pictures. Which is completely understandable, as my blog is my hobby and I can’t expect to always have someone at my service when I feel like shooting a post (hey, I am not Kim K. after all). So consequently, I got to the point where I wasn’t too enthusiastic about posting anymore as I couldn’t post as frequent as I wanted…

But rather than giving up, I decided to do something about my blog. So, inspired by many other bloggers, I got myself a tripod and a remote the other day to shoot my outfits myself, lol. And this is the result of me shooting my 1st outfit post! I am happy with what  came out of it, but you do understand that I need a lot more of practicing; please bare with me.

So, on to my outfit. I live in my Homies sweater nowadays. It’s such a comfy though cool sweater and I just can’t get enough of it as I can go all the way with it. When I wore it this time, I didn’t feel like pairing it with jeans or trousers, so I decided to go for my scuba skirt instead. I think I am just really a girly girl after all…









I was wearing…

Asos Homies Sweater

H&M Trend Scuba Skirt

MOS Copenhagen Wedge Sneakers

Goosecraft Leather Jacket

Zara Bag

WeLikeFashion.nl Leopard Print Watch

Urban Outfitters Necklace, rings, earstudds

Thanks for stopping by again and enjoy your weekend!:)


xx Grace 


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