When the mercury hits 18 degrees in Holland… Dutchies lose control. I mean, doesn’t that say enough about how bad the weather actually is here?

Yesterday, was the very first sunny day of Spring and I couldn’t thank Mother Nature enough for letting the sun shine that bright upon us. From the moment the SS collections start dripping into stores, I always feel tempted to start refreshing and upgrading my wardrobe with indispensable items and from that moment I also start thinking about how I could pair some stuff in one outfit or how I could wear my clothes in as many ways as possible… ‘when the weather gets better.’

But then, funny enough, when the mercury finally hits 18 degrees… I just don’t know what to wear anymore! Might be because I am one of these Dutchies who loses control as well, but my reason is because I have so many outfits on my mind and only one sunny day, if lucky two.

Oh well, on this sunny day I decided to go for one of my fave pants of the moment, my Zara leopard trousers  and old sale boyfriend blazer (still so in love with this amazing blazer) paired with my bright Nikes and off I went for a long day of strolling, chats, food, drinks and laughter with friends.

Today’s going to be even warmer, hope I can find something to wear…Stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy the post, have a blessed and great Sunday!









I was wearing…

Zara Trousers/Blazer/Shirt

& Other Stories Nike Sneakers/Ring

Michael Kors Bag/Watch

Topshop Necklace/Ring

Market Sunglasses

Thanks for visiting!:)


Love, Grace 


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