It's a wrap

 ‘Playing dress-up begins at five and never truly ends’ is a quote that I should actually hang somewhere in my house as it’s really suitable to my personality.

But as much as I love playing dress up, preferebly with dresses or skirts, heels, pretty nails and a hypnotising perfume as finishing touch, I love laidback days. Days where walking to the Italian ice cream parlor is the most intensive and productive activity on the planning.

On days like that, I pick out the easiest items in my wardrobe to pull off a casual look. And to add a pop of colour to the casualty, I wrapped up my head with a colourful Vlisco headwrap. It’s amazing what a big difference a little piece of Vlisco can do to your outfit!

I was wearing…

Vlisco Headwrap

Topshop Shirt/Earrings

Goosecraft Leather Jacket

Zara Jeans/Bag/Booties

Mango Sunglasses

Mexx Belt

Hope you’re enjoying the last day of the weekend!

Thanks for reading and ttys,

Love, Grace



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