Hi, welcome to my blog!

I am Grace, twenty-something years old and I live in the Netherlands. I have an excessive obsession for fashion and writing, so where else could I combine my two passions better than in my personal blog right?

Fashion to me is an extension of who I am,  a way to say many things without saying a thing. If I was to describe my style I would say it’s a mix of everything that I find beautiful, but always with a feminine twist.

There are so many things and people that inspire me and I am a big fan of streetstyle meets high end fashion. I also get inspiration from what people wear on the streets in different cities and countries. From my fave fashionistas on Youtube, blogs, magazines, music, work and my three fave fashion icons Olivia Palermo, Solange Knowles and Mianda Kerr.

On top of that I love all the other beautiful things and moments in life, without a price tag. I love cooking, especially when I get to share that with my loved ones, travelling, photography, art, a good movie, relaxing wellness days, a good work out in the morning and I could go on… I work, I am living my life like it’s golden and I thank God for that!

I am not a professional nor a fashion guru, but ‘F comme Fashion’ (which means ‘F as in Fashion’) is my open diary, a dropbox where I share my passion, style,  interests, thoughts and inspirations. So, have a peek into my fashion world and everything else related to that,  and feel free to leave a comment/suggestion/thought!

Thanks for spending some time on my blog!;)


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