Inauguration King Willem Alexander I and Queen Máxima (30-04-2013)-03


Our Royal Couple King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima (married since 2002) have been King and Queen for a year now, after the King’s mother abdicated as Queen. And although, when I was younger, I never used to be too interested in the Royal Family, that has drastically changed over the past few years.

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Style Stalker: Kerry Washington


Kerry Washington. I don’t know why I have never really noticed her before. I mean I love her for her acting skills, she’s an amazing actress, but I never paid attention to her apart from in movies. Lately, that changed because, Lord this woman is killing it every single time! And apparently I am  not the only one who noticed this stunner because she’s been gracing magazine cover after cover!

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Style Stalker… Olivia Palermo


Another style icon of mine is Olivia Palermo. I could seriously live in her walk-in closet. I absolutely adore everything about her outspoken, feminine, polished, versatile, classy, detailed and elegant style. Even when sometimes I feel like an outfit looks wrong on her, it’s still kind of right because of the way she wears and presents it.

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