Hi guys!

How has your weekend been? Mine went quick as usual, and I am actually sad that it’s pretty much over…

One of the reasons I am sad it’s over, is because tomorrow, on September 16 2013, I’ll start my Sugar-free Challenge. ‘Why,’ I hear you ask? Well, some of you might have read in my ‘About’ page that next to fashion, one of my other passions is cooking & baking and experimenting with food endlessly. And of course sharing and eating it with others with loads of wines, cocktails and laughter till the early mornings. Not really the best ingredients for a healthy life… And apart from that, I am a sugar-addict. There’s nothing with sugar I can resist and when I don’t have sugar all day, I feel like the saddest person in the world. So when I bumped into this 30-days Sugar-free book called ‘100% Sugar-free in 30 days’ by Carola van Bemmelen, I decided that this book was meant to be for me.


I am not a fanatical diet-person, and I hate diet books, but this one pulled my attention straight away. I Grace, want to challenge myself and test my discipline. And as I purchased the book this weekend, I thought it would be better to give myself some space to get used to the idea and to prepare myself mentally, so I have been eating/drinking everything sweet I am not going to have for the next 30 days (Lord have mercy!).


Although I don’t think my life is the most interesting and exciting rollercoaster like some other’s, I do want to share this journey to a healthier me with you guys, my readers,  as in that way it might motivate me more to continue after I have written everything (especially the frustration) off me. HA!


I am going to share the ups and downs with you and keep you posted about everything around this journey like weight loss, what I’ve eaten, changes, etc., and I hope that in 30 days, I will be a happier, healthier person that can even resist the bestest red velvet cake in the world.

You can follow me and my health journey on my blog, Facebook and Instagram –  stay tuned!


xx Grace


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