It’s that time of the year again where I can’t get enough of ice cream. And wine. And my girlfriends. Preferably altogether. Calories? Tiny creatures who live in my wardrobe and sew my clothes tighter every night.

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I’ve got so much to share with you guys in this post that I don’t know where to start. Let’s start with the weather. It’s officially Spring. Can I hear a YES?! That means that the weather is changing, and when the weather is changing, my outfits change along.

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Hello lovely people!

Oh Lord, it’s been long. Too long. Been feeling so sad for not posting or even being active on my blog.. The main reason is definitely because it takes a lot to find someone to take the pictures. Which is completely understandable, as my blog is my hobby and I can’t expect to always have someone at my service when I feel like shooting a post (hey, I am not Kim K. after all). So consequently, I got to the point where I wasn’t too enthusiastic about posting anymore as I couldn’t post as frequent as I wanted…

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