It’s that time of the year again where I can’t get enough of ice cream. And wine. And my girlfriends. Preferably altogether. Calories? Tiny creatures who live in my wardrobe and sew my clothes tighter every night.

Although the weather has been so so, it can’t stop me. It’s Spring, nearly Summer. Whether there is sun or not. ‘How about that beach body, Grace?’, I hear you ask. Well… I haven’t been to the gym in a while, but simply because the weather is good enough to not lock myself up in there and because enjoying myself with the friends while eating ice cream and having late night wines are the best activities in the world. Spring/Summer is about enjoying.

I will worry about these tiny creatures in my wardrobe later. Meanwhile, have a look at one of my outfit from a while ago, on a sunny, mellow Sunday afternoon! Sunny enough to let my legs breathe and suck up the sun. And for another ice cream.

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I was wearing…

Zara Skirt

H&M Shirt/Sandals

Michael Kors Bag

Mango Sunglasses

Casio Watch

Topshop Chain Necklace

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