S P R I N G 

Spring has finally sprung and I can feel it in the air! Where last year we were impatient to feel a ray of sun or to even try out our newest pair of sunglasses, this year the mercury hit 22 even before March 21. And it’s holding on.

L A S T  W E E K E N D 

Because of this beautiful weather and my guests, last weekend was amazing. We had so much fun chatting the nights away, drinking, having long dinners, cycling and so on. These are the moments in life I enjoy the most, with loved ones and laughter. And even more laughter. I don’t now who came up with this scale of 5/2 when it comes to how our weeks are divided. My weekends always seem to be extremely short. Or maybe I just stuff them with too many plans..? Either way, I always end up wishing Monday was a day in my weekends too…

M Y  O U T F I T

This is what I wore last Sunday because it was hot! I allowed my legs and feet to feel free again and decided to wear this cute printed H&M dress. It’s not longer a surprise that I love flirty dresses, is it? Everything about this dress is cute and I think what I love about it as well is that it’s with long sleeves. As we headed to the beach, my warm burgundy knit was the perfect solution. Can you tell I have been living in this cardi lately? Although I have had it for quite a while, it is definitely one of my fave items at the moment!

These ‘blog photos’ were actually made randomly and weren’t planned. But as I looked at them afterward, I thought they could go for a post. Hope you enjoy them.

Dont’t forget to check the outfit details down below, in case you’re wondering where I got it from and to follow me on Instagram where I post more regularly!:)






I was wearing…

H&M Trend Cardigan

H&M Dress

Mango Sandals/Sunglasses

Michael Kors Bag

& Other Stories Ring

Topshop Necklace

À bientôt!

Love, Grace 


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